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Founder's Scholars

Founder's Scholars at Thales College commit themselves to the pursuit of wisdom: excellence in understanding humanity and professional life, in intellectual and practical ability, in moral character, and in leadership. They have learned that thriving in life and work depends upon personal growth and service to others, and they come to Thales College to seek learning and practical experience for true human flourishing. They recognize the mutually reinforcing values of a classical liberal arts education and of professional preparation, and they possess a gift for work in entrepreneurship, business, engineering or education. At graduation, they carry a joyful sense of their purposes for life and work and embody the highest standards of Thales College.

Founder's Scholars are named in honor of Robert L. Luddy, the founder of Thales College, Thales Academy, and CaptiveAire, and a leader in American entrepreneurial life. The characteristics of a Founder's Scholar are those that Mr. Luddy has demonstrated through his life and work.

The Founder's Scholarship

Thales College awards up to 5 Founder's Scholarships in each class based on merit, including grade point average, standardized test scores (SAT, ACT, and/or CLT), and extracurricular involvements. The Founder's Scholarship provides 50% of the student's annual tuition for as long as the student maintains a 3.5 grade point average and good standing in the College.
Applicants should submit their application for the Founder's Scholarship at the same time as or after submitting their Thales College application. 

Note: Founder's Scholarship applications are separate from the admissions application but may be submitted concurrently. Students are not required to apply for the Founder's Scholarship to continue in the admissions process.

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