Overview Of Thales College

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Redefining Higher Education

Thales College combines rigorous academics with one-on-one professor-student mentoring, internships and other work experience, and networking opportunities with community leaders.

By combining a classical liberal arts background and professional education with an engaged learning model and an emphasis on real world experience, Thales College students graduate in approximately three years with a wealth of knowledge, critical reasoning abilities, and employable skills. This allows graduates to enter the workforce and begin contributing immediately, far ahead of their peers exiting from traditional colleges and universities.

We offer three distinct academic programs at Thales College:

  • The Entrepreneurial Business program thoroughly prepares students to lead and contribute in any type of business or management role. Students will learn the finer details of effective business, including decision making, the role of economics in real world dynamics, people management, accounting, business law, and other topics. Experts in the field of business are studied at length, and lessons are sourced from our founder’s 45+ years of experience in entrepreneurship.
  • The Classical Education and Leadership program is designed for future teachers of grades 6–12 in the areas of English, History, Mathematics, and the Natural Sciences. The program teaches the history, theory, philosophy, and practice of teaching and learning using the classical model. Academic coursework is combined with professional mentoring and internships to help students acquire teaching skills and apply what they learn in a real world setting.
  • The Mechanical Engineering* program prepares students for a wide range of technical, sales, and industrial careers. Students will learn the fundamental principles of mechanical engineering, such as material properties, technical drawing, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics, along with a rigorous humanities core. Students will apply classroom knowledge weekly through the program’s concurrent co-op requirement, preparing them to enter the workforce as experienced team members and contributors. Thales College plans to pursue ABET accreditation for the Mechanical Engineering program.

* License approved to offer a B.A. in Entrepreneurial Business and a B.A. in Classical Education and Leadership. License application is in preparation for a B.S. of Mechanical Engineering.

The Thales College Experience

Thales College is designed as a unique education model. Students attend class each morning, with afternoons are kept free of class commitments to allow the opportunity to intern at local companies and organizations.

Classical Academics

    Rigorous classical studies in the humanities and the student’s preferred professional major provide a balanced curriculum of content knowledge. The core humanities sequence develops the necessary thinking skills and theoretical framework for success in any field. The professional major sequences provide the career-specific content knowledge needed to excel in the field of the student’s choice.

Class Cohort Discussions

    Each morning, students convene on campus for lectures and professor-led class discussions, following the Socratic Method of discussion-based learning. These seminars allow students to ask questions, expand their learning, and come to a greater understanding of the topic through interpersonal dialogue.

    Students are encouraged to challenge each other, in a lifelong effort of discerning the truth and improving their knowledge and character.

    Small class sizes ensure personalized attention and the ability to excel in a safe and welcoming environment.

One-on-One Mentoring

    Weekly, students meet with a professor one-on-one for mentorship and a unique teaching style modeled after the University of Oxford’s “Oxford Tutorial.” Professors push students to expand their learning, come to new conclusions, and more deeply understand the content being studied. This teaching style is rigorous but is well-known for fostering student self-confidence and robust critical reasoning abilities.

    In addition, professors offer personalized mentoring and advising to assist students in developing a fulfilling career path tailored to their unique interests and abilities.

Internships & Work Experience

    Every afternoon, beginning in Term 3, Thales College students have the opportunity to participate in paid internships and work experiences throughout their time at TC. Developing real work experience and career skills is critical to success in the workplace following graduation. In addition, internships provide a low risk opportunity for students to explore a variety of careers before committing to a specific role or industry.

    Interning while I was in school felt like earning a second college degree—It gave me the opportunity to learn new skills every day. I was able to take part in projects that were truly important and useful to the company. These experiences provided me with a fantastic opportunity to grow into an independent critical thinker and the confidence to take on any project. If there’s one thing I learned while interning, it was how to learn. I was expected to be a self-starter and to chart my own course. Help was always available if needed, but continuous learning was the name of the game. I learned to challenge the status quo. ‘Good enough’ was never enough. There is always room to improve goals, processes, and results.
    – Former Student Intern turned Corporate Professional

Networking Opportunities

    Throughout each academic year, Thales College hosts successful individuals from a variety of backgrounds and industries. These individuals spend time teaching students the wisdom they have learned over the years in their respective fields, and this experience allows students to ask questions and receive guidance as they navigate their own paths in life.

Thales College’s goal is to provide all of the necessary skills and knowledge needed to be an excellent contributor in the workplace and the broader community. We are continually improving our curriculum to serve our students and help each individual fulfill their unique potential.

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