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Frequently Asked Questions

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Thales College Mission

Q What is Thales College?


Thales College is a unique undergraduate college designed to help students develop the intellectual ability, meaningful knowledge, moral character, and professional excellence needed to thrive in life and work. Thales College offers:

  • A dual degree for every student – both a B.A. of Liberal Arts and Sciences and student’s choice of one of the following:
    • B.A. in Entrepreneurial Business
    • B.A. in Classical Education and Leadership
    • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (beginning Fall 2023)
  • Hybrid learning format – online lectures paired with daily in-person, on-campus instruction
  • Regular in-person, one-on-one mentoring with a professor
  • Internships with local companies
  • Networking and extracurricular learning opportunities throughout each term

Q Why was Thales College founded?


Thales College was founded to provide a high quality, affordable undergraduate option for students. Our founder, Bob Luddy, was frustrated that college students often graduate underprepared for the workplace and burdened with excessive debt. Thales College offers an exceptional education that provides the academic knowledge; thinking, life, technical, and workplace skills; character formation and work experience necessary to prepare students for a rich and meaningful life and a productive career. Thales College provides the essential skills and knowledge students need, and nothing they don’t. 

Q What sets Thales College apart?


Most colleges and universities teach the Liberal Arts and offer professional degrees. Few colleges and universities approach them the way we do at Thales College. Our faculty show how knowledge is linked across the disciplines and how the Liberal Arts support professional life as well as the good life.

You will learn from your professors in small seminars and in one-on-one mentoring sessions. You will share what you learn with people in your community as well as in the classroom. You will hear lectures via online content from the best minds in the world. Together, online course material, seminars, and mentoring will provide you with the richest possible environment for acquiring a liberal arts and professional education. Course work and internship experience help you develop a wealth of knowledge and skills that will thoroughly prepare you to succeed in the real world.

Thales College is unlike any other college. Your college experience with us is focused on preparing you for a career and a fulfilling life. We help you maintain a disciplined study schedule and a balanced life while giving you a quality education that will set you apart from your peers.

Q Is Thales College a religious school?


No, Thales College is not a religious school. It is not affiliated with any religious institution or beliefs. However, our classical curriculum is based on the Judeo-Christian heritage of Western tradition, so we do study some religious texts (such as the Old Testament of the Christian Bible) within a historical context. Following the example of Thales of Miletus, we recognize the importance of cultivating intelligent piety as a necessary part of a fully human life. Therefore, unlike many colleges today, Thales College provides an environment that is friendly to religion, even though it does not advocate for or align with any specific religion.

Academic Program and Career Preparation

Q What degrees does Thales College offer?


Thales College will offer Bachelor of Arts degrees in the Liberal Arts and Sciences, Entrepreneurial Business, and Classical Education and Leadership beginning in Fall 2022 and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering beginning in Fall 2023.

Students will graduate with a dual degree – both a B.A. of Liberal Arts and Sciences as well as a B.A. in Entrepreneurial Business, a B.A. in Classical Education and Leadership, or a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.

Thales College is licensed by the State of North Carolina to offer its degrees in Liberal Arts and Sciences and a B.A. in Entrepreneurial Business. We are preparing the license application to offer the B.A. in Classical Education and Leadership (beginning Fall 2022) and the B.S. of Mechanical Engineering (beginning Fall 2023).

Further in the future, we may add a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. We are open to your recommendations about other majors.

Q Why are paid internships so important at Thales College?


Thales College utilizes internships to fully prepare students for careers in a variety of fields. We firmly believe that students benefit enormously from paid internships in productive companies and organizations, because they have the opportunity to contribute in a tangible way to the real world. Classroom learning is applied in real-time within the internship atmosphere in a low risk setting that allows students to explore a wide range of potential careers and opportunities. Students gain an impressive resume of soft skills and real world work experience through internships, in ways that their classroom-only peers significantly lack.

The vast majority of employers prefer to hire recent graduates with internship or work experience, due to the skills and workplace confidence they have developed through prior internships. When choosing between a recent graduate who participated and/or held leadership roles in numerous campus clubs and extracurriculars and a recent graduate who completed internships or part-time work, employers most often prefer the candidate with real work experience.

Lastly, paid internships enable students to pay their tuition and graduate with little to no student debt. We expect students to begin internships in Term 3 and continue through the remainder of their time at Thales College. We have designed the course schedule to allow students to work at their internships daily. An internship does not guarantee employment at the partner company following graduation, but many interns often receive full-time job offers from the employer if their work is satisfactory.

Watch this video to learn more about internships at Thales College.

Q How do students acquire paid internships?


We maintain a growing list of businesses and help our students to obtain internships in their field of interest. Thales College establishes relationships with businesses that provide valuable goods and services, exhibit organizational and leadership excellence, and provide meaningful work for interns. It is up to the student to apply for and maintain excellent performance within their internships; we support them by providing the connections to help them acquire internships. This allows students to learn the job acquisition process and build self-reliance.

Q Could I obtain two professional degrees rather than a liberal arts and a professional degree?


No. The mission of Thales College is to provide an affordable Liberal Arts and Professional education so that students develop the wisdom–intellectual ability, meaningful knowledge, moral character, and professional excellence–needed to thrive in life and work. We have intentionally designed our program to allow students to receive both a liberal arts and a professional preparation. The two work together to provide a balanced and well-rounded background for optimum fulfillment and performance. Watch this video for more information on why we believe the liberal arts & business are a perfect match.

Q What type of faculty members does Thales College employ?


Thales College employs teacher-scholars who are experts in their subject areas and who model lifelong learning. They are humble and approachable thinkers, as well as well-read and engaging teachers. They are devoted to developing the minds of students, setting high standards, and helping each individual to fulfill their potential.

Q Are you accepting employment applications?


Yes, please email your CV to Grattan Brown, S.Th.D. at

Q Is Thales College licensed and accredited?


Thales College is licensed but has chosen not to pursue regional accreditation. The UNC Board of Governors has granted Thales College a license to offer a Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts and Sciences, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurial Business. We are currently preparing an application for licensure for a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Thales College chooses not to pursue accreditation because it does not intend to participate in federal or state financial aid programs. The College is committed to providing an affordable education not funded by government loans or requiring student debt. Due to its lengthy process, accreditation introduces tasks beyond those that faculty and administrators would ordinarily perform, which greatly increases operating costs and thus tuition costs to students and their families. For all of these reasons, Thales College has chosen not to pursue accreditation in order to stay true to its mission of affordable education. Regional accreditation is not necessary to maintain academic quality and implement continuous improvement practices such as internal and external review. Students can rest assured that they will receive an excellent education and formation at TC, because the College holds their own performance to extremely high standards.

Some Thales College students may encounter obstacles if they wish to transfer credits or apply to graduate school, but based on our in-depth analysis, those obstacles would be manageable for most students.

When a student graduates from Thales College, their transcript, the work they have produced, and their wealth of internship experience will provide all of the background they need to show employers that they are well-prepared to excel in the workplace.

Read more about our stance on accreditation here: Thales College License & Accreditation

Attending Thales College

Q What is the tuition rate at Thales College?


Tuition at Thales College is $4,000/term. That means total tuition is $32,000 (over 8 terms) for a B.A. in Entrepreneurial Business or B.A. in Classical Education and Leadership and $40,000 (over 10 terms) for a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.

Put another way, you can earn two bachelor's degrees at Thales College for less than the cost of a single year at a typical private college. And because you will complete your degrees in about three years at Thales College, you will enter the workforce a year earlier than students who attend traditional colleges and universities. That means you will begin working, earning, and contributing to your community well before most of your peers complete their degrees.

Why $4,000/term? This is the inflation adjusted amount our founder, Bob Luddy, paid for his college education in the ‘60s. By working through school, Bob was able to graduate debt free, an accomplishment students could achieve today if college costs could be lowered. By starting afresh, Thales College avoids costly administration and amenities that do not contribute to the student’s education. For this reason, we are committed to maintaining a rate comparable to the cost of college decades ago.

Additional expenses include: Books, transportation and living expenses, technology expenses (all students are required to own a laptop computer and have access to WiFi in order to participate in online coursework).

Q Are scholarships available?


Yes. The competitive Founder’s Scholarship is a 50% tuition, merit scholarship awarded to five students from each class who demonstrate academic excellence, exceptional character, a rigorous work ethic, and strong communication skills. See our Founder’s Scholarship page for more information.

Thales College itself does not offer need-based aid because it closely manages operating costs in order to run effectively on an affordable tuition. It does support students who seek scholarships offered by schools, employers, individuals, private companies, nonprofits, communities, religious groups, and professional and social organizations. Thales College does not participate in the Federal Student Loan program, which does not constitute financial aid when it leads to unacceptable student debt. Thales College also does not participate in the Federal Work Study program because the College is committed to help students live more independently and pay tuition through career-directed internships.

Q What are the admission requirements for Thales College?


Thales College welcomes applications from students who are legal residents of the US and US citizens residing outside the US. The College does not accept applications from non-US citizens currently residing outside the US.

Our admissions committee considers the applicant’s completed application, essays, personal interview, SAT/ACT/CLT score, high school transcript, and teacher and employer recommendations.

Candidates with a high likelihood of success in the program will be selected for admission.

Q What does a typical week look like at Thales College?


In a typical week, students access study materials, view lectures online, and prepare for class on their own time. They come to campus most mornings to attend in-person Seminars and Tutorials, where students break down texts, problems and concepts, discuss major themes, and develop their reasoning and communication abilities to a high level. When students are not in Seminars and Tutorials, they have time for independent and group study.

Afternoons and evenings are free for study, internships, part-time work, personal care, and social life.

Regular tutorials enable each student to meet one-on-one with a faculty mentor, who helps the student apply coursework to life and work. Mentoring in Terms 1-4 emphasizes career discernment and professional development. Mentoring in Terms 5-8 emphasizes intellectual ability and depth of thought, following the Oxford Tutorial model, in which the professor challenges the student to apply critical thinking and communications skills, study a topic deeply, assimilate various views, and defend his or her own position. This personalized form of learning pushes students to excel and provides the opportunity to connect academic learning to the real world.

Q Where is Thales College located?


Thales College is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. A campus has been secured and the address will be announced soon.

Q Are housing options provided for students?


No, Thales College is not a residential college. All students have the freedom to live in the location of their choosing. We are happy to make recommendations for areas of town, as well as assist incoming students in connecting with each other in order to find a roommate, if desired.

Q How long will I be enrolled at Thales College?


Thales College is an accelerated degree program. Students will take 5 courses per 15-week term (15 credit hours) and earn standard (traditionally 4-year) Bachelor’s degrees in approximately 3 years.

Year 1

  • Fall Term
  • Spring Term
  • Summer Term

Year 2

  • Fall Term
  • Spring Term
  • Summer Term

Year 3

  • Fall Term
  • Spring Term Students in the Entrepreneurial Business and Classical Education & Leadership programs graduate in May of Year 3 with a B.A. of Liberal Arts and Sciences and a B.A. of Entrepreneurial Business or B.A. in Classical Education & Leadership.
  • Summer Term

Year 4

  • Fall Term Mechanical Engineering students graduate in December of Year 4 with a B.A. of Liberal Arts and Sciences and a B.S. of Mechanical Engineering (offered beginning in Fall 2023, pending license).

Studying year-round will allow students to retain their learning, as courses at TC build upon each other. Our daily schedule keeps afternoons open for participation in internships and other extracurricular involvements, further contributing to classroom learning. Our academic calendar follows the same rhythm of adult working life, preparing students to transition easily to working full-time following graduation.

Q Since Thales College is year-round, will I have any time off?


Yes! Seven weeks per year, spread between terms and over holidays.